Painted Top Air Spacer

In this first edition of our electronic newsletter, we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce one of the latest additions from the innovative minds at the Allmetal product engineering team. Presenting Painted Top Air Spacer, new and exclusively from Allmetal.

We've created the Painted Top Air Spacer with style foremost in mind. In addition to the durability and performance expected from all our spacers, we've added an extra touch of color to create a perfect complement to any decoration scheme. While standard insulated glass units show a metallic strip, the Painted Top spacer let's you showcase style and taste by choosing from multiple colors to add character to your insulated glass units.

This colorful addition carries the benefit of Allmetal’s powder coat process. One of the latest techniques in finishing, powder coating has a reputation for both looks and durability. Superior to wet coat finishes, powder coated provides a finish that is not only aesthetically superior, but more resistant to scratching during fabrication.

Our powder coating process also reduces harmful emissions, and its durability results in less scrap, making it better for the environment when compared to traditional painting techniques.

Painted Top Air Spacer is available in both aluminum and stainless steel, each with its own great advantages:

Stainless Steel

Superior expansion and contraction properties
Best thermal performance on the market
As an inorganic separator, stainless steel doesn't react to coatings
Superior bending performance
Comes in a variety of standard colors with custom color match available


Never rusts or corrodes
Extremely cooperative for a variety of manufacturing processes
Temperature consistency and better sealed units for the long-term life of an insulated glass unit
Comes in a variety of standard colors with custom color match available

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