New Additions from Allmetal, Inc.

Expanding an ever-evolving line of products, Allmetal, Inc. announces the addition of 5/16 Pencil Bar, L99 Casement Screen Profile, External Contour Muntin Bar, and PF-G Pencil Bar.

5/16 Pencil Bar
Introducing a new, cost effective pencil bar that aids in the design of decorative installations: the 5/16 Pencil Bar is now available! The 5/16 is perfect for stained glass and other unique door and entryway designs. It is currently available in these
versatile colors: White, Gold and Dusty Gray. A complete line of accessories will be
available in early 2010.

L99 Casement Screen Profile
In response to customer demand, Allmetal has added the L99 Casement Screen Profile with offset flange in the 3/8 x 21/32 size. The new unit is structured with an inside and outside casement screen with detachable, offset flange to better hold the screen in the window unit track. Already making a name for itself, L99 has found a successful niche among many window manufacturers for its superior screen performance and wider variety of application options.

External Contour Muntin Bar
Introducing the award-winning External Contour Muntin Bar. First developed by Allmetal, our new take on this classic concept features a tough adhesive on the back side of the bar, allowing you to apply the unit onto both external surfaces of insulated glass. External Contour Muntin Bar adds dimension and prominence to insulated glass and perfectly complements SDL bars to simulate a divided light application. Roll formed for significant cost savings, the rugged aluminum substrate never rusts and features a powder coat finish that stands up to the harshest elements without chipping or fading.

PF-G Pencil Bar
In an exciting announcement, Allmetal has revealed the addition of the PF-G Pencil Bar. Produced by Allmetal for the first time, the new application will be available in a variety of sizes and colors, with additional applications to follow in 2010. Watch for more information in future newsletters and at

For additional information on these new additions or any of Allmetal’s complete line of products, or to request a sample, please click here to contact us or call 800.638.2599.