AF-3 for Extreme Conditions

While Allmetal has offered several screen channel options for some time now, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a new profile for casement screen, AF-3.

Specifically designed for high wind applications, one of the clear advantages to the AF-3 is that it utilizes a .780 aluminum spline. While a normal spline opening is .125, the AF-3 is much wider at .200; this results in greatly increased gripping power and truly makes the AF-3 a superior product. There are many regions around
the world that can take advantage of the increased durability of this innovative
screen channel.

A History of Service
The name “AF-3” may be new to the Allmetal product line, but the history of the .780 spline dates back to the early 1950’s when Allmetal first started manufacturing the product. Over the years the design has gone through several modifications, and for a time was virtually forgotten by the industry. But based on recent demand, Allmetal set out to improve upon this valuable product and re-introduce it to the industry so customers could have access to the products they need under the most critical of conditions.

We’re pleased to have the ability to continue to be creative and flexible enough to improve the screen channel category once again. In an ever evolving global marketplace, Allmetal prides itself on meeting industry demands and our customer’s needs. Click here to contact us for samples or for more information call your Allmetal Customer Service representative.