Allmetal—A History of Innovation

The Allmetal group circa 1950
The Allmetal group circa 1950

Started in 1915 by two partners, Allmetal has continued to evolve into one of the leading innovators of the insulated glass, window and door market. Beginning with a core product of weatherstrip—Allmetal also accepted a variety of custom roll-forming jobs. Soon, Allmetal was producing other customer-driven products such as stainless steel counter edging, hangers and mop handles.

Ten Facilities Spanning the Country and Beyond

From one manufacturing location in Chicago (as Allmetal Weatherstrip Company) to ten facilities worldwide including a highly-capable Tooling and Design Division and Injection Molding facility, Allmetal, Inc. is today recognized worldwide for its laser-welded air spacer and decorative products and components for the insulated glass and door industry.

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Leading the Way in Air Spacers

In the mid 1960s, Allmetal found a growing market in the production of air spacers for the Insulated Glass industry—and a niche was formed. Eventually, Allmetal exited the weatherstrip market completely and focused mainly on air spacers and related components.

Rapid Growth in the 70's and 80's

The 70s and 80s were years of rapid growth. Manufacturing facilities opened in Sparks, Nevada (1974), Carrollton, Texas (1978), Somerset, New Jersey (1983) and Savannah, Georgia (1986).

Injection Molding Facility opened to meet growing demand

In 1979, Allmetal opened its full-service injection molding facility to meet customer demand.

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The First to Develop and Manufacture Laser-Welded Air Spacers

In 1979, true to Allmetal's innovative drive, the company became the first to bring together roll-forming and laser welding. Introducing the laser-welded air spacer, Allmetal answered the market's call for a stronger and more durable product.

Stainless Steel Air Spacers

In early 1989, Allmetal expanded its product line to include stainless steel air spacers. Because of their thermal qualities and longevity without outgassing, stainless steel is considered one of the best "warm edge" spacers in the industry.

Roll Form Process video (58 sec)

In-house Tooling and Design to Provide Superior Solutions to Customers' Unique Manufacturing Requirements

To control its own tooling requirements and improve turnaround time, cost, and quality to the customer, Allmetal opened its own successful Tooling and Design Division—an integral part of Allmetal's ability to design and manufacture products to provide superior solutions to customers' unique manufacturing requirements.

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A Growing Line of Decorative Products and Components

Products have changed and adapted over the years to suit customers' changing tastes and demands. And although air spacer has been Allmetal's mainstay—the company now includes a full line of exciting, innovative products for the budding decorative components market. In fact, anything from decorative muntins, contour muntin bar, intersect components, MPS hubs, and related products are provided by Allmetal and available in over 30 paint colors or custom-color options.

Expanding Worldwide

Today, Allmetal continues to serve the ever-growing domestic market while rising to meet international demands. As Allmetal explores and expands into new markets in new places, its reputation precedes it—paving the way for ongoing growth and innovation.

German Plant

In response to international customers, Allmetal has expanded its operations to Europe. Its first European plant, located in Leipzig, Germany, opened in 2000 and will help serve Allmetal's European customer base.

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